Face shield

Responding to today’s risks and people’s needs, we are introducing new product which supports our safety. Protective face shields: a cover for your face helping in your work and making your daily routines and interactions safe in time of pandemic. Product which reduces the risk of infection with viruses. Face shield protects you during work, movement, visits to the stores and everyday activities.

Mask size: 430 x 235 mm

Adjustment strap: 680 x 30 mm

Material: PET foil

MOQ: 100 pcs.


Deciding on The Alloy face shields, you support those who are fighting for our health on the front lines: paramedics, nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals and fire brigades.

For every 2,000 pieces purchased, 100 face shields from Capira goes into their hands.

Na każde 2000 szt. zakupionych przyłbic 100 szt. od Capira trafia w ich ręce.

Together we can do better. Let’s support Health Care !