Please refer to The General Terms of Trade Agreement document which is an integral part of each order (reffered to as the Agreement). The confirmation of the order is at the same time the acceptance of the terms contained in the document.



Ready-to-print projects are accepted in the following formats:

  • PDF in print quality (PDF X1; closed)
  • possibly open Corel DRAW files (up to version X4)

The correct printing data must meet the following requirements:

  • project prepared in CMYK color space (not RGB),
  • texts / fonts converted to vectors,
  • black text should consist of 100% BLACK with OVERPRINT option,
  • bitmaps should be provided in target print sizes (1: 1 scale – unscaled), resolution min. 300 dpi, CMYK color space (not RGB), in .tiff, .psd, .eps, .jpg formats,
  • vector files should be saved in .cdr format,
  • bleeds included (min. 3 mm),
  • additional colors (special colors) selected from the Pantone palette,
  • for Pantone colors there should be a code given : U-for uncoated paper or C-for coated paper,
  • spot varnish as an additional color 100%,
  • contour of the template as additional color 100% overprint, please provide two versions of the file with an embedded template and without it,
  • minimum distance from cutting edges of relevant graphics and text – min. 5 mm,
  • Total Ink Limit 280 %
  • preferred ICC profile is ISOcoated

Please send the correct printing data to:

  • up to 20 mb to the sales supervisor’s e-mail address
  • over 20 mb via online transfer services such as to the sales supervisor’s e-mail address
  • to the FTP server, access data will be provided by the sales supervisor


Please note that in most cases there are differences between project printout and preview on the computer monitor. As such, monitor previews can not be considered as a color-guideline in a graphic design.

CAPIRA Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. company is not responsible for poorly prepared or materials inconsistent with the specification resulting with printing errors. Capira is not responsible for any errors in the project, also if Capira interferes with the entrusted files at the request of the Contractor.