HEXA BOX  hexagonal case for gifts and accessories

 CPO-007 hexabox 02     CPO-007 hexabox 03CPO-007 hexabox 01


HEXA BOX* presents the brand in a modern and unique way.

HEXA box is an unusual form of packaging that gives the field to create and define its purpose. Will it be a pencil case for pens, crayons, highlighter pens, or a sophisticated case for a scarf, glasses, or maybe a packaging dedicated to a specific product? It all depends on customer needs.

Bet on modern design, what the promoted brand needs most!

Hexa box: 5 x 5 x 17 cm

Wall length: 2,7 cm nadruk 4/0 CMYK + glossy / mat foil.


* The latest model from the CREATIVE PRODUCT collection